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know ply of k through 12. about 40 states in the u.s. have charter school laws. i think every state should have charter school laws and allow people to come in like basis, really start from scratch, copy the best techniques in the world, and then move forward. that that sort of competition will drive the public schools to improve their teaching. >> michael, craig, tyler mathisen at cnbc headquarters. you have used the word several times accountable. michael, you said holding students accountable if they don't measure up. craig, you talked about systemic accountability of teachers, administrators and so forth. what in real life, real world pract does that mean? michael, does it mean if a kid doesn't succeed on a test, that you kick them out if he fails repeatedly? craig, does it mean that you have more firings of administrator and teachers if the system isn't stacking up right? >> michael, you first. >> well, we can't kick students out. it's a public charter school. as long as students want to stay, they can stay. but, we make sure that they know what the material -- they master the
're seeing the lowest price since august of 2010, we're also noticing that there might be some tax law selling going on, as a lot of investors look at the profit they've made, and they want to offset their capital gains. how do they do that? they sell the losers. back to you. >> okay. sharon, thank you very much. let's check out the interest rate market right now with rick. we've had the global bond market sell off overnight, pushing up to about 2.80% on the ten-year today. >> it does indeed. that's even despite the notion that there are six, yes, a half accident buyback operations this week. but that didn't make a difference. you can see, as sue pointed out, rates going up. haven't closed a 280 handle since the 20th of november. foreign exchange? i see the dollar index is up. the dollars versus the yen, definitely moving up, but there's one fly in the ointment. whether it's against the euro or the yen, the pound seeps to be king of late. these are some of the best levels in 26 months. back to you, sue. >> okay. rick, thank you so very much. >>> well, the richfield very confident, appa
called ceo certification. this means if a bank's trades break the law senior management takes the blame. jack lew said the right, quote, tone at the top creates a culture of compliance. it's not the first time regulation is put in executive on the hook. the exchanges require managers of broker dealers to attest they have the appropriate trading supervision. sarbanes-oxley requires management to submit an end of-year report certifying the company's financials. the sec settled with fifth third over faulty accounting on commercial real estate loans. the settlement named dan poston because he signed that certification. neither admitted or denied wrong doing and poston is still employed at fifth third but the question is a lot of executives i talked to say having this hierarchy in the volcker rule is unfair because they can't know everything that happens on a trading floor. i know cantor complies with the rules on the exchange that have you as test to the supervisory controls. do you find this to be an effective tool and do you find it to be a fair one? >> you know, from our perspective we'r
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3